Electric Powered Surfboard,How makes your water ride more enjoyable?

Onean electric powered surfboard is helpful to the surfers by pushing out a jet out of the water by the help of which they will be able to negotiate any sort of lake, rivers, channels and many other water filled places even if any wave is not available over there. The carver is used for doing the action fast, and Manta is utilized for the purpose of cruising.onean electric surfboard electric powered surfboard

Onean Electric surfboard

What are the best Best features?

  • These surfboards are lightweight and fast, and this is why you will get an enjoyable experience even in the still water.
  • It has brushless dual core motor. Axial water up is designed by the Aquila boards.
  • Because of the best electric components, more power will be experienced which will help you to get a better experience inside the still water.
  • The built of the onean electric powered surfboard is adamant and that is why it will be extremely durable.
  • The manta can have the highest speed of 8 to 10 kilometers per hour whereas the best speed of the carver is around 30 to 35 kilometers per hour.
  • The boards are of sandwich style having EPS and CNC shaped core.


The two types of surfboards are made for two separate reasons. The carver has more power than the Macraft electric surfboard. However, the battery is used in both are same. So, if you want, you can easily interchange the same. When you use Carver, you will be able to go through the still water extremely fast. So, if you want fast movement over the still water body, then this Onean electric surfboard is appropriate for you.

On the other hand, if you want to have some of the side scenes while going through the water body means if you want to cruise then Manta will be appropriate for you. So, both these surfboards are equal quality wise there is a difference of the power used for preparing both these models.

Onean electric surfboard review:

As per the opinion of most of the users, you will be able to ride on the surfboard in any of the water body be it a sea or a lake. This is why for any kind of water enjoyment this Onean electric surfboard will be a perfect choice. In the case of both the surfboards, you can enjoy a high speed. The motor by the help of which these surfboards are run is controlled by the electric motor which you can control with the help of remote. It is powerful which ensures the perfect performance.

Along with that, the electric battery will help to ride the Onean electric surfboard safely. Even without waves, you will be able to get a good speed in any of the water body. Carver with a more oval shape will be able to handle the thrust for twenty minutes and the two straps added with the surfboard will keep you absolutely safe on the surfboard.

On the other hand, Lampuga Jetboards has a square shape, and it is more stable on the water. It gives you hours time to explore the beauty of the water as you will cruise along. If you want to keep the full charge of the surfboard, you need to charge the same for at least two hours. So, most of the users have preferred to charge it completely before they have gone to visit the lake or the sea.

Another style of the surfboard is coming in the market from the house of Onean. It is the blade. It is expected that the board will create more speed in the still water than the other two.

How much do Onean electric surfboard Cost?

If you want to find out the actual price of Onean electric surfboard in the official website of Onean it is £2,430 and in the case of Manta the price is £2,571. However, in many online retail stores, you will be able to get the discounted price and that will make you able to purchase the surfboard in lesser price. However, in the case of the blade, no cost has been revealed by Onean.

What is Onean electric powered surfboard price?

If you search for the various online websites, you will find the price of these boards will be different. However, you can always compare the price online and then you can purchase with the discounted price offered in the various online retail stores.

You should always check the lesser price available in the market for these surfboards and buy accordingly. However, one thing can be told for sure that whatever amount you spend for this Onean electric surfboard will not be wasted because these boards will make your enjoyment double in the water.

Make your water ride enjoyable:

If you purchase any of these two surfboards, you are surely going to make your ride enjoyable on any kind of water. Different types of surfboards will give you different kinds of experience. With the carver you will be able to go along the water very fast and with the Manta cruising along the water will be more enjoyable. With both these surfboards, you are going to stay in the water for a longer time as the charge remains for a longer time.

The best thing about Onean electric powered surfboard is that it will keep the balance perfect on the water. If you compare the speed of the carver with the stability of the board, you will find it safe on the water. Along with that, the added strap has made it safer. In the case of Manta, it is completely stable in the water because of its square shape.

You can book it online on a priority basis, and it will increase your chance to get the surfboards with the discounted price which will eventually help you to purchase the surfboards in lot lesser price.

So, now if you want to surf along the water you don’t need the help of the waves to roam around the water. By the help of the Onean Electric surfboard, you will be able to cruise along the still waters of lake and channels quite easily.

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