Surfing with macraft electric surfboard and fly high above all!

If you desire to surf, then do it with a Macraft electric surfboard. Surfing on flat water needs to be done by boats or boats built in with motors. But probably these used to be very complicated one. In order to make surfing faster and better, electric jets have been launched. Thus using these jets have been very easy and also fascinating to ride in. Over time these jets have been considered as the latest entry to the list of surfboards.

Macraft Electric Jet Powered Surfboard

macraft electric surfboardWhat exactly are they composed of, which makes them look so fast and reliable for riders? Probably these surfboards are long elongated type platforms being used mostly in sports. Designing has been done suitably to withhold a person’s weight in heavy, strong Ocean waves. Thus riding is quite pleasant and smooth without any noise. It gets suitably fit for riders to ride in strong waves of Oceans in deep. Now let’s see what people need to say about this Macraft electric jet-powered surfboard.

Macraft Electric Surfboard Review:

Today mostly people visit outskirts of their place in order to search beaches nearby seas and Oceans for surfing in their free hours. Surfing has been an energized sport seen across the world widely. Macraft has been a suitable designer for this electric powered surfboard. Thus using a jet surfing board from Macraft has been a golden opportunity for surfers. Being the fastest surfing jet they have been used by maximum people.

A wider group of people have cited positive reviews regarding the Macraft. An electric jet is powered by a 440 W motor. This pumping of water allows the jet to move with speed on the water surface. Even at sharp turns, instead of facing issues riders smoothly crossed those areas without any tilting. An additional feature is its controlling power over the directions with the help of buttons that fascinated users severely. This is possible for its battery that lasts for 20 minutes.

Macraft electric surfboard Cost:

Purchasing an electric jet might be cost worthy. This has been the collective thoughts prevailing among buyers. Thus the actual expenditures may vary depending upon the requirement. Basic rates may range from $6500 GP. For less interested riders thus may use 33 mph jet surfboard for their surfing experience whereas the best riders could depend on upon high power. The range of rates for low surfboards may vary in between $3,500 to $15,000. This depends on upon the type of jet and which fits your taste.

Macraft electric surfboard Price:

There may be varied forms of the Macraft electric powered surfboard, and all its prices vary from one type or shape to the other. Thus markets have been facing this trend of rising and fall within the prices of the electric surfboard. Carver boards may range $3450 pricing whereas the manta many are priced to $6650. Though both are the same electric jet but yet they vary in their shapes and speed. Onean will be introducing a new Onean electric surfboard to the market in a few weeks and this product has a story to tell!! Price may also vary from place to place with the availability of jets.

Specifications of Macraft electric surfboard:

  • Fitted in with a 440 W motor for smooth operation.
  • The bottom board is mostly either concave or convex shape for better support.
  • Works by electric power for various surfing techniques and styles.
  • This Macraft electric jet-powered surfboard is suitably eco-friendly with less noise.
  • Remotely controllable board with wireless and easy turning motions.
  • Comes with a battery for lasting longer that too for 20 minutes.
  • Rely upon small to high tides.

Why a Macraft electric jet-powered surfboard?

If you really wish to experience a thrilling surfing, then you should give up those older versions of boats, switching over to this Macraft electric jet surfboard. A switching is needed as this model contains the smaller size batteries and motors as compared to older one. Thus, it enables the surfboard to be slightly lightweight. Previously boards made surfing possible only upon waves. In order to overcome this Macraft allows you to surf even waves do not come.

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Benefits of other types:

Probably two forms of boards like Carver and Lampuga Jetboards exists with different motor powers. This provides them efficient varying energy to move with ease. Both come in a sandwich style with damn beautiful looks. Carver usage helps to carve up the water with great speed and standby for 20 minutes within the water. But the square shape of Manta makes it more suitable for surfing. Its designing is done for a smooth and cruising speed surfing. Thus Manta makes your surfing perfect.


Is it fit to use them?

In this modernized version, using an older form of surfing technique would be too funny. Thus, to make your surfing experience thrilling Macraft jet surfboards the best reliable one to choose. Their designing has been done in order to fit your feet’s easily for better acceleration. Some of the riders could even get a point for attaching a strap for even better and safe surfing. This genuinely helps the engines to be powered off if any rider fells off from the boards at times.


Using a surfing board though may be hard to learn but simultaneously maintaining them is easier. In case air flips into your board then this can be controlled through a flapper valve vent. This vent hole requires a regular basis cleanliness to avoid flooding across you while you are on your jet. Manually cleaning can be done without any one’s help. Before cleaning you should be aware of each and every part being present.

A Macraft electric jet surfboard is a better experiencing way for you through the levels of water. Since the designing of the first surfboard, world’s every single beach has been experiencing this surfboards fun and thrills. For sports users, these types of modern electric surfboards have been an added advantage to their races and how to come over their opponents. Reviews have shown this Macraft electric surfboard a widely selling board across today.

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