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Eon ScooterWhat is Eon Scooter?

The Eon scooter is also known as an electric scooter. These scooters are the fastest scooter in the market with dual sit or normal sit. The custom design makes it unique and powerful among the competitors. There are many affordable Eon scooters that are fast. The eco-friendly rechargeable batteries power These scooters. The batteries are Lithium Ion battery that lasts longer than its predecessor. It will supply more power and torque.

Ultimate Survival Scooter is the Eon Scooter Pro

Eon Scooter

These cheap electric scooters have revolutionized the commute on the public road. It is powerful and lightweight as well as foldable. It was designed in San Francisco with advanced electric technology. It is one step ahead of the competition with durability and affordability. The best part is that you can fold the scooter and make the same travel-friendly. Qiewa Q1Hummer 800Watts Electric Scooter

These are the best and most affordable electric scooters for 2017-2018. They can carry up to 250 lbs which are a great feature.

1. There is Glion-dolly which offers 15 Mph of speed.sale button

2. Qiewa Q1Hummer 800Watts Electric Scootersale button 

2. Razor E300; it offers 40 minutes of riding at 15 mph speed.sale button

3. The Ecoreco-m5 offers slightly higher speed of 25mph.sale button

4. The Populo Bikes Blitz offers you 18mph of speed with high peak torque.sale button

5. Meet the Segway CityGo Motorized Scooter (Available spring 2018)

 The Qiewa Q1Hummer and the Glion-dolly is our favorite in this lineup!

Eon Scooter: You Can Purchase The Best Electric Scooter Here!!eon scooter

What is special about the batteries?

There are Li-Ion batteries in the scooter same which are found on the cell phone. In the case of Eon scooter, these are the powerful one. You will get three different options on the scooter to match your lifestyle. You can choose the ultra lightweight or compact mini version of the scooter. Each model comes with stand and power sit. You will have the following features in the affordable scooter.

  • The Eon scooter is powered by the 48V 720Wh battery. You can swipe the battery out from the scooter without any problem.
  • There are many affordable scooters where you can get an extra battery that will make your journey trouble free.
  • When it comes to riding experience, the Eon scooter will not disappoint you because of the high torque and long backup.
  • The motor is very powerful that offers high speed at low power. You can accelerate high without any problem. You can easily ride down the hill without any problem.

The Gigabyte Groove 48V comes with Eco-friendly electric motor and battery that offers an adequate amount of power and speed. It is suitable for the short and suitable ride; it is very affordable and fun to ride a scooter. You can easily accelerate up to 20mph on average charge. If you are on the highway then you can go above 30 mph by using the full power of the battery.

Meet the Best Electric Scooter for Adults in the USA 2018

How does the affordable Eon scooter work?

If you want to glide without wasting your energy, then you should buy one of the Eon scooters. It is ideal for going out solo. The custom design of the Eon scooter makes it a low center of gravity that is why it is stable even in the high hills. You can always adjust the handlebars according to your liking.  There is powerful drum break which has a hard bite. The Segway Eon scooters are a splash-proof affordable scooter.

Which are the best features of the affordable scooters?

eon scooterThe drum brakes are sealed so there are no chances of getting water inside. The EcoSmart Metro is very affordable Electric Scooter. It is refined, powerful and affordable so anybody can buy it. It is the adult version of the first Eon scooters. It also comes with a powerful 500-watt motor which helps you to accelerate up to 18mph without any break. It also comes with a bamboo deck and adjustable seat.

When it comes to storage department, you will get removable luggage compartment and a long deck. You don’t have to recharge it frequently because of the long-lasting battery. You have to recharge the scooter to have a hassle-free journey. The comfortable seat is a pleasure for the rider during a long ride. The cushions are not too soft or are too hard it perfect for the long ride. You can have the following features.

  • It also comes with tubeless tires so you can enjoy the ride tension free. There are raised bumps which add more traction to the tires. The best part is that the EcoSmart Metro can go through any terrain including the glass, dirt and more. These tires are puncture resistant and available in the standard model also.
  • There is a replacement for the original stock tires. These tires are quite similar to the stock tires. You can use these tires as a backup of the original one. It is available for pro, standard and mini models.
  • There are airless tires which are flat free honeycomb based. The thicker and robust design helps you to go slightly faster by 1-2 mph with these kits. However, you have to sacrifices some of the traction levels with these kits.

What is a catchy feature?

When it comes to the catchy or unique feature of the electric scooter, you will be surprised to see the folding seat for dual modalities. You can raise the handlebars to make it standing scooter, or you can use as a traditional scooter. There are other models where you will get a conventional scooter like design along with the electric motor. The best feature of the Eon scooter is the adjustable handlebars.

The Pro models come with a powerful 1500 watt 48volt battery. There is no gear in the hub motor that is why no wastage of power during transport. You can easily go up to 25 miles per hour without any problem. There are grippy tires along with 8” wheels that offer superb comfort. These scooters are suitable for cruising long-distance. You can always use the cruise control feature of the scooter.

What are the safety features?

There are mechanical drum breaks that offer super byte and feel to the rider. You have to decrease the throttle as well as use the handbrake to de-accelerate the scooter from high speed for efficient braking. If you don’t want to crush, then you can disable the cruise control feature in the Eon scooter.

You can easily control the speed of the Eon scooter by using the throttle. It offers high, medium and low for few models. There is enough torque so you can easily climb the hill without any problem. There is no kick starter; you have to start using a button. It also offers smooth acceleration for riding which reduces the jerkiness. You don’t have to register or seek a license as well as registration for these scooters.

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