Best Segway Electric Scooter Helmets – Comparison & Reviews for 2020

If you should be attempting to receive one of those ideal Segway electric scooter helmets however don’t have any idea which you select from those countless models available on the market in 2020, then you are in luck since we’ve done all of the work, and therefore that you do not need to. We’ve accomplished a great deal of research and viewed several of the most critically acclaimed helmets available while also assessing features, quality, and prices, therefore, we will be able to assist you in making an educated choice.

Out of those several models, we’ve studied, we advise that you will get the Segway Ninebot Bike Helmet. This helmet is lightweight, includes an excellent ventilation system to help keep the head cool in spring, and also will be corrected to match kiddies who are dated between 8 and 16. If that item is out of stock, you may also wish to have a review of this Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet and the Overade Plixi Fit Foldable Multi-use Helmet.


Plixi Helmets comes with Carrying Pouch.
Plixi FIT also comes with a fabric pouch that allows you to transport it easily while protecting it from daily handling

Krash Vector Victor Gator Mohawk Youth Helmet

Cool Scooter Helmets

The Krash Black Gator helmet using 3 d blue accent trick mohawk is good to your cool kid on the block.  The black gloss onto the black-matte helmet offer the helmet an obsolete feel that says, “I am not really a little kid anymore!”  The childhood size helmet suits children 8-15 yrs of age (54-58 centimeter).  Even the Raskullz Krash Black Boys Youth Gator Helmet Features: 3 D mohawk with amazing printed images Black gloss and gloss published images Fits Children 8-15 years old CPSC and ASTM accredited Shell: PVC Interior: expanded polystyrene foam.


Kids Scooter Helmets

Helmets make a crucial portion of your child’s scooter experiences because their security is almost always a high priority. Scooter helmets for children can spare your small ones out of severe head injuries and also look good.

You can find multitudes of kids scooter helmets for children accessible myriads of colors and styles.  Selecting the ideal childhood bicycle helmet is equally important as an unsuitable helmet to the child is almost as poor as wearing a helmet.  This is what you want to know about scooter helmets such as scootering, pedal bicycle riding and much more:

Women Scooter Helmets

We include a vast selection of helmets suited to women riders.  While most helmets brands out there are unisex, items such as style and graphics can add a little feminine flair to a normally mundane shell.  If you have the desire to let your fellow riders understand who’s hiding under that helmet, a lid from Triple Eight Brand, OutDoor Master Brand, Schwinn Thrasher , Arai, Shoei, MOKFire Adult Helmet, BASE Camp or three Sedici will not simply provide you with the newest in head defense, but can also be a reflection of your ferocious femininity.


Razor V-17 Child Multi-sport Helmet

The Razor V-17 multi-sport helmet unites superior quality having a cutting edge style and design.  Your ideal alternative for biking, biking, skating or another game that demands protective headgear.   The ergonomic built padding and also an additional sizing mat place for the perfect individual fit guarantee ultimate relaxation.  The 17 vents keep your head cool in any respect times and the negative release buckles make it a cinch to adjust and secure your chin.

Schwinn Thrasher Lightweight Microshell Helmet Featuring 360 Degree Comfort System with Dial-Fit Adjustment, Sizes for Adults, Youth, and Children

Razor V-17, Cutting-edge children’s safety helmet for biking, skating, and more, 6 Colors available.

This Year 2020 Buying Guide

Whether or not you would like to replace your previous helmet or intend to receive the very best scooter crash helmet to your new ride, then you’re likely going to have difficulty surfing the marketplace. There are tons of alternatives concerning design, dimensions, shape, layout, relaxation, etc., and also selecting the most appropriate version can be daunting. Listed below are a number of things which may help you to get the ideal version for your requirements.

Best Scooter Helmet Brands (Build Substances and Materials)

When you’re searching for electic scooter brandsavailable, you are going to want to compare construct substances. Various helmets are produced from other materials. Cheap models come with an outer shell made from injection-molded ABS polymers that provide a great balance between protection and price.

The inside is generally made from EPS foam that has great shock-absorbing capacities and provides dependable protection from impacts.

Higher-end helmets can be created from fiberglass composites that could absorb additional energy in impact, but versions featuring this substance are inclined to be expensive. Carbon fiber is generally located in the most expensive helmets available on the current market, nevertheless these provide the very best protection because of their weight loss, if you are able to afford them, which is.

How should a Scooter Helmet fit?

The very best electric scooter helmet would be the one that is going to fit. Even though this must be rather obvious, a lot of men, women or child don’t understand exactly how significant it is that the helmet fits flawlessly. This becomes much more significant in regards to discovering a children’s scooter apparel because sizes change, and you need maximum security to the young rider.

A helmet that is too big will bounce throughout the ride, make a good deal of sound, and the worst part is the fact that it will not provide much protection in a crash in any case. Wearing a size that is too big will introduce you into great risk in the event of an crash, as this type of helmet may even drop off your mind, which is definitely the last thing that you would like to take place in a situation like this.

The helmet should not feel overly tight either because it might create a great deal of distress during rides and also make long-distance walking or touring alongside hopeless. If the helmet is just too little, then it will not sit on your mind, and you are going to acquire less-than-desirable protection. The helmet must feel somewhat tight around your head, forehead, and lips, but not overly tight.

So ensure you measure your mind and examine the size graphs of the specific brand you are planning to get out of before you purchase. Head sizes do not necessarily forecast head contours, and also the very best method to make certain a helmet matches is to really check it out. In case you’ve ordered the incorrect size, attempt and return it and find a replacement that matches.

Ride in style with half of helmets and spacious face versions You might go to get a scooter and revel in the wind on your face whilst riding. These helmets provide adequate protection whilst also using a retro feel and look. They are normally the lightest versions offered but they do not cover the whole mind, and in addition, they don’t include facial protection. But, you can always put in a smoke guard or even a visor or possibly a neck curtain.

A open face is much more flexible, and it provides additional security.

Many these models arrive with an integrated visor, protects, and you might also attach chin and mouth protection on a few of the costlier versions. You might also purchase one of those scooter helmets using Bluetooth. These permit you to connect different communication devices so you may stay in contact with fellow riders at a class or with different men and women. Just be certain that you don’t interfere with your hearing once riding in traffic. Additionally, be certain that you confirm the state laws concerning the usage of these devices on public streets.

Full face helmet vs. Open face model Protection?

Full face helmets offer you the very best protection you can purchase. This sort of headgear covers the whole face, in addition to chin and mouth. These will be the lightest helmets also, however, the question you must ask yourself is if you are prepared to sacrifice some protection for additional relaxation or not.

You are able to discover lots of favorable scooter helmets testimonials as it has to do with full-face versions, and there is no lack of models from respectable manufacturers that are constructed from materials that are tough while additionally providing a load of attributes.

Ventilation Is Essential If you’re searching for a helmet to the scooter, you may also need to have a look at its venting system. Riding in warm weather will certainly enable you to sweat too, and with no suitable airflow method to cool down you and transfer moisture from your helmet, so you won’t have the ability to appreciate your travels a lot.

Many versions include double-vent systems that start out at front, proceed through the cover of the helmet then depart the back. Additionally, there are side vents which circulate on your mind and are effective in carrying away heat from the own helmet. Having a high tech variant, the venting gets much more significant, so ensure that you opt for a unit that has proper air flow.

Find a model you can clean easily

Particularly if you’re considering traveling in summer time or commuting a great deal, you will also need to acquire a helmet that is simple to wash. All riding in warm weather, together with bugs smashing from the helmet, soot, and dust covering the outside shell, along with body oils and perspiration impregnating the lining, will make your helmet look and smell dreadful.

You are able to decide on a version which lets you detach the inside lining and cheek pads so that you may individually wash them and keep them tidy. Helmets that enable you to eliminate visors, protects, and ports will be also easier to wash.

Do not neglect to follow along with maintenance and cleaning recommendations to prevent scratching your helmet or even damaging the liner.

Assess your State Laws

One more important thing you have to do prior to purchasing a helmet would be to look at your state laws. Some nations are not so restrictive in regards to wearing a helmet while riding a scooter, though some will require just certified versions with or without compulsory visors. Some may even ask you to wear a motorcycle helmet, so be sure to do some research prior to buying.

Do Scooter riders need Helmets?

Most states in the united states need all passengers to wear a helmet. Some nations require that riders wear helmets that are regulated that have to pass certain minimum specifications. It’s also wise to be aware of the simple fact that a number of states might ask riders to don goggles or a face shield, while others might even need you to take a license and registration.No matter legislation, you shouldn’t ever ride a scooter without protective headgear particularly when these vehicles may reach top speeds of 40 mph or more. Try to find an approved motorcycle helmet and not a bike helmet.

The best way to measure Scooter apparel size?

Finding the correct helmet size is very important to your security when riding. However, different sizes and components of steps might confuse you a bit. You ought to first measure your head’s circumference in the fullest part, above the eyebrows and ears.

Next, you need to check a size graph and compare it with your measurement. Most charts also display hat sizes for comparison, even though they do not necessarily give a fantastic indication of the correct size. You need to try to make use of graphs from the particular brand which sells the version you would like, as different brands may come up with unique graphs.

How much are Scooter Helmets?

Prices for helmets may vary greatly according to brand, version, type, etc.. By way of instance, full-face helmets will command much higher prices than half-helmets. In addition, it is based upon the accessories that have helmets, such as smoke shields, bubble visors, directly protects, etc.. A few simple helmets might just cost a couple of bucks and offer limited protection for your head. Higher-end models from reputable brands may cost a few hundred dollars, however, offer you greater security, and also you might also put them on a motorcycle in many nations that need them.

Knowing how a Scooter Helmet should fit

If buying a helmet, you need to ensure it fits snugly. Hold on the helmet with its chin straps and put on your own mind. The helmet should sit squarely on your head and must not be tilted either on the front or the trunk. In case the helmet is too high, it might wobble during the ride, creating disquiet, plenty of noise, also it might also come away during a crash, that’s the very last thing you’d wish to occur. The helmet should fit tight without pressing on your cheeks or forehead.