Enjoy Surfing Using Outstanding Zero Emission Lampuga Jetboards

The Lampuga jetboards is more than a surfboard, and it is used for wave cruising in coastal areas and that speeds through warm as well as sun-drenched bays drifting in the pleasant lagoons. It is constructed from the use of lightweight carbon fiber, and its strong electric jet drive facilitates the Lampuga to achieve high velocities. The lively product shares its name with the fastest fish-the dolphin fish.lampuga jetboards

Extreme JET Powered Surfboard

Impressive Features of Lampuga Jetboards

It is incredibly easy to handle the Lampuga jetboards which are lightweight, and it can be transported easily by keeping it on the roof of a car. It is an environmentally friendly product in which you can ride quietly and owing to its electric jet propulsion system that does not disturb the people around or the animals.  The risk of its use in water is eliminated by the utilization of the battery. The battery powered jetboard is efficiently used for water sports, and the leading company in the world that supplies these electric surfboards is the Lampuga.

Three models of these amazing jetboards are available, and they include the:

  • Inflatable Lampuga Air
  • Lampuga Boost
  • Lampuga Rescue

The Lampuga boost is amongst the fastest battery driven jetboard, and the Lampuga Rescue is an excellent lifeguard board. The Air and the boost Lampuga models are used by recreations boaters  to a vast extent, and they are known to feature an electric engine of 15hp and which is coupled with a battery for supplying power up to 40 minutes which is kept in reserve. It takes about an hour to recharge the jet board. The Lampuga board which is German-built is declared to be the world’s best ever electric surfboard, and that brings with it the speed of 34 mph.

It takes about 2 hours for the battery of Lampuga jetboards to charge and with the charging station of 30 amperes.  The board is designed in a manner that it does not require much of maintenance and operating it hassle free. The motor in the jet board is integrated into the structure of the board.  There is a bolt-on entrance panel on the tail, and that lets you inside to test out as well as change the jet drive seal in case the board begin taking on water.

Lampuga Boost

  • The Lampuga Boost is a unique jet boards which is power-driven by an electrical jet engine and which emission free, and it delivers 15 hp straight to the water and transforming it into frontward driving force.
  • It is fairly simple to ride the Lampuga boost which is about 37 kg in weight and can travel speed up to 34mph.
  • It is crafted by use of materials of high quality and it is an excellent high-end electric jet board that is designed with precision. It comprises of higher intensity of rider dynamics, and that operates at a breathtaking speed and with excellent stability.


 Lampuga Air electric inflatable jetsurfboard

  • You can experience ultimate fun with the Lampuga Air jet board which is ultra-light, and its trunk is filled basically with 70% air, and using it is very trouble-free as it is exceptionally light.
  • It can be inflated easily and used on water. It is a flexible product that weighs about 32kg, and its engine delivers 15 horse powers.
  • It is an excellent jet board that combines agility as well as speed, and the battery, engine, and the electricity-controlling system can be easily fitted into a composite case made of carbon fiber.
  • The size of the composite case is about 100cmx50cmx10cm and through a small integrated engine it is easy to inflate the Lampuga jetboards. You can transport the Lampuga Air easily to an unbelievable place without any complexity as it is very light.

Lampuga Rescue

  • It is an innovative electric board that is used as the fastest way help people in coastal areas.
  • For every lifeguard, it is an indispensable tool which is incredibly powerful and designed in a simple manner.
  • It operates at a speed of 27mph, and its weight is about 32kg. These high-end stimulating surfboards are designed specifically for people who enjoy surfing need to have access to the open ocean.
  • You can re-light your mindset and passion of riding in the open water by making use of these artistically designed surfboards.
  • It provides the excitement and enthusiasm to surf amidst the whims of wave and wave and provides a fantastic chance to be pleased about surfing.
  • The Lampuga Rescue is widely used for coastal rescue operations, and this model of jetboards is being manufactured in different series as well.

Construction of Lampuga Jetboards

The Lampuga jetboards are constructed keeping in mind safety of the people and for everything in the vicinity of the board. It is for security purposes that the motor parts and the battery are fitted within a composite case which is made of carbon-fiber- aluminum material. It is equipped with an automated emergency system stop mechanism that is of great use in case you lose control as it makes sure power supplied to the engine is shut off immediately.

The battery duration, range and speed of the jet board are mainly dependent on a variety of factors like driver’s abilities, speed profile, and weight.  The jet board is controlled by a steering belt which is known to carry the accelerator throttle. The jet board is attached to the bow of the board mainly to provide full control and secure connection.


Benefits of Lampuga Jetboards

The jet powered surfing board is an innovative product created for water sports, and that can drive you for a session of nearly 35 minutes at a speed of 32mph. It is fitted with an emergency stop system and that gives surety not to leave suddenly when you are stuck in the event of a wipeout. The jet powered Lampuga jetboards can be purchased from the wholesale suppliers at reasonable prices. The jet boards are available in 4-5 different colors, and you can buy them according to your preference. It is very easy to learn surfing by use of these electric boards and even for people who are not sportsmen.