Is the Mini Segway Pro really worth the purchase?

The mini segway pro is considered to be more than just a hover board. Many consider it to be the next vital step in personal transportation. Powered by none other than Ninebot technology, this product comes with all the features that you would expect from Xiaomi and more. So the real question that is left to be asked is: Is it worth purchasing? That is exactly what we will find out here.

Segway Mini Pro

mini Segway proMini Segway pro – The Features

As far as the features are concerned, the Segway mini electric scooter provides a vast array of options at your disposal. And it’s not just about the sheer number of features that it has to offer. Each one of them is good enough to deserve an individual place in the machine which is why it is such a hit in the market. Here are some of the main ones:

And easy to master control system.

Extra security from Bluetooth supported the app.

Adaptable to all sorts of road terrains.

Also, features auto safety LED lights on the front as well as the back.

Comes with an alloy frame made of Magnesium alloy.

Has custom designed ergonomic fit?

Knee bar is padded to provide more comfort.

Also, comes with remote controlling options via the app.

Mini Segway pro – Specifications

If you are looking for the specifications of this product model, then you will not be disappointed either. All the parts used for making this hover board are top notch. As such, you can expect the highest level of performances from them. So here are the specifications:

  • Dimensionally, it ranges from 20 inches in length to 21.4 inches in width and 10.3 inches in depth.
  • It weighs a total of 28 pounds.
  • It has a payload of 220 pounds in total.
  • It has features 10.5-inch tires that are pneumatic and provide excellent shock absorption.
  • Has a dual motor engine capable of providing 1600 W of power.
  • Capable of reaching 10 miles per hour at top speed.
  • On a full charge, it can travel a total distance of 14 miles.
  • Meets all the standards set by the UL 2272 Certifications.
  • It comes with an 18650 1200 W battery made of Lithium Ion.
  • Motor output clocks at around 800 W in total.
  • Maximum inclination that it can deal with is 15 degrees.
  • Charging time is around 4 hours in total.

The Pros


One of the best things about the mini Segway pro is its looks. It does not look like any other hoverboard in the market. In fact, it is shaped more like a scooter with only the handle on the front. Coming in colors of black as well as white, it definitely is a classy outfit.


Other than the looks, another great thing that you will find in this product is the fact that its driving system is incredibly simple and easy to learn. The first step is to get on the hoverboard which is also a fairly simple task when compared to other hover boards in the market.

After that, you can steer left and right simply use a centrally placed steering rod. The way it works is that you need to fit your knees in the pads provided on the steering rod. In order to steer, all you have to do is tilt it in the direction you want to drive in. Harder the tilt, sharper the turn and so on. Most of the times, however, you will be using subtle touches here and there.

Road Adaptation

This hoverboard is engineered from top to bottom to deal with all sorts of terrains both indoors as well as outdoors. As mentioned before, it is well capable of traversing slopes placed at 15 degrees at max. The chassis which is 3.5 inches in width along with the tires which are capable of providing military grade shock absorption both contribute for a better ride.

Smoothing out bumps well is not something every hover board on the market is capable of doing. However, with all the shock absorbing qualities that this product comes with, you are bound to experience a smooth ride no matter what.


The safety lights that come along with this product also provide a lot of security to the rider. Fitted on both the front and the back of the Segway mini electric scooter, they bring in the perfect combination of safety as well as visual beauty. This is a feature that is especially useful at night when you need a good lighting system to make everything else around you visible.

Not only is that, the lights all customizable in nature. And when it comes to color options, you will have the freedom to choose pretty much any color of your choice. And that is something which applies to the lights at both the ends.


One of the main perks of the mini Segway pro is that it is extremely light weight in nature. As such, it provides for excellent portability. If you are traveling somewhere and want to take it for a spin, you have the freedom to do so because of its weight. But despite this feature, it is extremely durable as well. The magnesium allows which it is made of help in that regard.

The Cons

The weight limit of the product can prove to be a turn down for many people. So for individuals who are heavier than the actual weight limit should be wary of using this product. It’s unclear if it will actually break the scooter, so it’s best to be sure safe about it.

Mini Segway pro review

Overall, if you are looking for a genuinely good product, then this is something that you should watch out for. After all, it has received positive ratings from pretty much every outlet out there. And all the praise it has received is definitely well deserved. So if you want to go for the mini Segway pro, make sure you do it fast.