No more walking says the Ninebot Electric Scooter

The Beijing-based company has changed the definition of walking or traveling short distances which are tiresome for daily walking in an eco-friendly way. The Ninebot Electric Scooter adds a new dimension to the world of vehicles and transportation. Previously, it was only available in China, but now it has a vast range of distributors worldwide and is in high demand.ninebot electric scooter

Segway Ninebot Electric Scooter

What is an Segway Electric Scooter?

A Ninebot Electric Scooter is a plate-like a form to stand on with two wheels on either side. It has got excellent balancing capability, but at the end, the rider needs to balance it completely.

It runs totally on rechargeable batteries and allows a maximum of 200 lbs of weight on it.

How does the Ninebot Electric Scooter work?

The plate has got the sensors, which detects the probable movements of the rider and moves accordingly. The Segway has a handle attached to the plate that makes the movements and navigation easier. However, the mini version of the scooter Mini Segway Pro lacks a proper handle. The handle is just near the knee level and has got sensors that help in tracking the movements of the rider.

The Specifications:

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth connectivity control
  • Range: 14 miles in a single charge
  • Speed: Maximum of 10 miles per hour
  • Hills: Can climb up slopes of up to 15 degrees
  • Load: Can carry a weight of about 200lbs
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • LED lamps in the front
  • Price: $795-$1300(approximately)

Special characteristics and security:

The Mini Ninebot Scooter has a Smartphone app that lets you control the direction of the scooter. This feature can only be accessed when no one is riding it. Basically, it allows you to use the scooter as a non-flying drone to deliver things. This may lead to some issues about misuse.

Adding to these, you can lock the scooter using the app. If it moved after that, an alarm would ring to alert.

Pros and cons:

The Segway Electric Scooter can act both as a boon and a bane simultaneously. It helps you to go to nearby places within a good range like markets, restaurants or even for some fresh air in the mornings, easily rather than burning your precious calories. The main advantage of it is eco-friendly.

The range of it is comparatively cheap. With one charge it only travels about 14 miles. If the charge is down, you have to carry the 28 lbs scooter on your own. Moreover, it is going to make people lazy who after getting this won’t even consider walking 100 meters even.

Lanes must be specially made for these scooters since it is a problem to ride on the footpath and hazardous to ride on the road leading to accidents.


In the history of vehicles and transportation, a feather has been added to on its cap by the invention of the Ninebot Electro Scooter. Though it has improved a lot, but still needs some severe modifications that will be available in the upcoming versions.

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