Which one to choose from Ninebot One vs SoloWheel, here is your answers!

Are you moving through a dilemma of which solo scooters to be purchased? Then here is your solution. Varied solo wheeled scooters have been launched but among those usually the ninebot one vs solowheel has always been in the news. What makes both differentials from each other? This question really needs to be understood by all. Indeed knowing this different point has raised individual summations regarding features, constructions, and speed. So now let’s explore it in brief detailing.

What is a ninebot one and solowheel?ninebot one vs solowheelSoloWheel

As the name suggests, both the forms are a single wheel based robotic scooters designed by experts to facilitate smooth riding experience by riders. Now, what type of experience has been talked off here? Being a solo scooter they genuinely permit their users to be expert at perfect balancing with each optimized sensors usage for a ride. The basic formation lies upon a board containing a wheel with fractions of supportive parts. But the major difference lies in their construction and features apart from looks.ninebot one vs solowheel

Ninebot One

Construction comparison of ninebot one vs solowheel:

  • Having a compact designing with a smooth surface for easy balancing is served in with solowheel scooters. The ninebot one has been designed with tightly assembled parts.
  • Advanced versions of magnetic motors are fitted in with batteries in solowheel whereas the ninebot one contains a battery of 320wh and 500 W motor capacities.
  • The solowheel batteries last longer than the ninebot one.
  • The scooters ninebot one and solowheel are easily portable and can be carried wherever you move.

Features that enhances:

Ninebot one:

  • The 16-inch wheel reduces the acceleration.
  • Lower battery life.
  • Longest span of brand quality existence with high-quality service.
  • The presence of 320wh battery makes your ride safe till 15 miles away.
  • Electrified motors allow you to pose higher speed at times.


  • High-quality magnetic motor with the best power supply.
  • Smatter battery system that enables longevity.
  • The device gets automatically shut down if kept idle for a longer duration.
  • Charges faster within an hour.


Which one to choose among ninebot one vs solowheel:

It’s necessary to choose the one that fits in all requirements and even costs low from ninebot one vs solowheel. At this point both the scooters though seem to be good at their point of features but certainly using the one with long lasting battery is suitable. The solowheel has the capacity of lasting longer with smarter battery options. Thus for a perfect ride, it is required for a rider to rely upon a lasting scooter till hours. Thus solowheel is genuinely going to overflow the other.


Both the scooters are solo wheel designed but suitably they differ in their features to some extent. Thus relying upon a perfect featured ride one would get difficult for you at times. But overall the solowheel is faster than the ninebot one. This has followed a tragic understanding of which is the best from among this ninebot one vs solowheel states. Thus get the best which suites you for the ride.