The ninebot one – How good is it?



If you have been eyeing up the ninebot one for future purchase, then this is the perfect place for you to be in. The following article will try to review this product in a possible detail, rating its features and advantages and everything else that you need to be aware of. After all, it comes in 4 different versions – C, C . E and E .ninebot one

NineBot One

As such, you will find a cohesive comparison between these separate models and what makes each and one of them different from each other. So without further ado, here is the review that you have been waiting for.

The ninebot one – Common Specifications

  • Weight carrying capacity comes in at 120 kg.
  • The height of the product is equal to 16 inches.
  • Climbing angle ranges from 15 to 30 degrees.
  • Charger rating is equal to 120 watts coming in at an input equal to 100 to 240 V (AC).
  • Available colors are – Porcelain White, Glossy Black, etc.

The Differences

Top Speed

  • C: 14 to 16 km/h
  • C : 17 to 20 km/h
  • E: 18 to 20 km/h
  • E : 18 to 22 km/h


  • C: 450 watts
  • C : 450 watts
  • E: 500 watts
  • E : 500 watts

Full Charging Time

  • C: Within 1 hr.
  • C : Within 2.5 hrs.
  • E: Within 2.5 hrs.
  • E : Within 4 hrs.


  • C: 10 to 15 km
  • C : 20 to 25 km
  • E: 22 to 30 km
  • E : 30 to 35 km


  • C: 12.8 kg
  • C : 13.8 kg
  • E: 13.8 kg
  • E : 14.2 kg

Do remember that the figures used above to describe the ninebot one are not completely accurate and may suffer from slight deviations here and there.

Pros of the ninebot one


Without question, one of the best features of this product happens to be its looks. Xiaomi is known for producing its devices with a different kind of look altogether. That is no different for this product either, and it has proven to be something good.

You will immediately notice that this unicycle has been designed to look like something straight from the future. It is sleek to look at which is not only appealing but also attractive as well. As far as other similar products in the market are concerned, this one tops them all in terms of looks.

The retractable handle is attached to the side of this cycle also helps in that regard as well. It definitely increases the product’s overall score for aesthetics. The dazzling lights that are attached on both sides of this cycle further enhance that feeling of having a futuristic gadget.

High-Quality Construction

The frame of this cycle is very sturdy and dense in nature. The outer part of the shell is made of Lexan Plastic which is a polymer made from polycarbonate of the highest quality. Such plastic provides the perfect balance of stiffness, toughness, and resistance (both weathering and impact). It is also capable of blocking out heat and electric shocks.

The sturdy construction isn’t just limited to the frame either. The foot pedals are made from Magnesium Alloy which is not only extremely light weighted in nature, but also very strong and corrosion resistant as well. It is also completely waterproof, thus allowing for driving in the rain and through small puddles.


This is one feature of the ninebot one that cannot be praised enough. Unlike other hover boards and scooters that need to be charged for a period of time, this little piece of equipment needs no helping hand when it comes to that regard.

When going downhill, the device charges itself making use of the kinetic energy gained during the steady fall. This apparently allows the device to have a better and longer battery life in comparison to others in the market. However, do make sure that you do not go downhill when on full battery since it can cause it to overcharge.

App Support

There is also a Ninebot app for Smartphones which allows the user to have some kind of cool features. For instance, you can customize nearly all the ride settings that are set by default. That includes the speed limiting options, the color of the LED lights, their flash patterns and so on.

Not only that, but the ninebot one app also provides you with a speedometer, specs for your wattage and a compass as well. If you want, you can also take heat readings as well. And as if all of that wasn’t enough, you can use your mobile device to control your cycle remotely.

Cons of the ninebot one

  • The pictures on most of the websites are slightly misleading. The scooter, in reality, is just a little bit larger than what is showcased. It is only a minor issue, though.
  • The design at the bottom can get a bit problematic since small rocks, and other forms of debris tend to get stuck in it, causing an annoying rattling noise.
  • Despite the pretty impressive stats for the maximum speed, the acceleration can be disappointing since it takes quite a while to get things into full gear.
  • Charging also takes a pretty extended period of time of time. Depending on the battery, it can take well around 1 to 4 hours.

Other than few of these upsets mentioned above, this is a pretty well made device and one that definitely earns the right to be called one of the best in the market.

The Final Verdict

When it comes to electric unicycles in the market, there is no question over which one you should pick right now. As far as 2016 is concerned, this is definitely the pick of the bunch and one that you should take an interest in if you want such a product. The ninebot one deserves all the credit it gets from users, be it the positive ratings and reviews or the countless ravings on forums. Make sure you give it a try as well.