Scooter Bicycle Hybrid-Sbyke p16 Skateboard Bike

Sbyke P16 Skateboard Bike Hybrid Kick ScooterAs the name suggests, the Sbyke p16 or p20 Scooter Bicycle Hybrid is the perfect product for those who wish to own both a skateboard as well as a bicycle and cannot afford them all. It is a hybrid of the two and is well and truly a unique product in the market for 2016.

Sbyke P16 Skateboard Bike Hybrid Kick Scooter 

Are you looking to give something to your child for his or her birthday? Or do you want to get a good holiday gift for him or her? Well whatever it may be, kids these days are loving this product and rightly so. Is there anything cooler for a person of a small age group to own other than this?

Specifications & Features of the Sbyke p16 Scooter Bicycle Hybrid  

Being a product of high quality, the Sbyke P16 Skateboard/Bicycle Hybrid is laden from top to bottom with the highest quality features. Sbyke reviews mentioned some of them:

  • Dimensions range from 28.5 inches in length, 17.75 inches in width and 28.25 inches in height.
  • Total weight of the product is equal to 11.5 pounds with a 110lbs. max weight.
  • It is a type of kick scooter.
  • It comes in colors of both Black and Red.
  • It consists of a light weighing 16-inch rim of the alloy.
  • It has a hand brake made of alloy.
  • Skateboard deck made out of 7-Ply Maple.
  • It comes with 70 mm wide skate wheels.
  • It has seven bearings of ABEC type.
  • The frame is coated completely with a layer of powder.
  • The primary metal used for making this product is aluminum.
  • Authorised for use for kids above the ages of 5.
  • Also, comes with a manufacturer warranty of 60 days.

Pros of the Sbyke p16 Skateboard Bike Hybrid Kick Scooter 

Build Quality

One of the best aspects of this product comes in the form of its sturdy aluminum build. There are tonnes of skateboards and bikes out there which are far too vulnerable to breaking with constant usage. This one, being a hybrid, is not one of them.

Made primarily of aluminum, it has a hard maple deck which keeps the whole thing stable. The aluminum parts ensure that the product is durable and lasts for extended periods of time. It has been marketed as the next big thing in the world of scooters, along with the Segway mini pro scooter and it delivers on the long last-ability front.

Ease of Controls – Scooter Bicycle Hybrid

Another great thing about the Sbyke p16 Skateboard Bike Hybrid Kick Scooter is the fact that it has controls which are as smooth as butter. It brings the best of the BMX world as well as the skating one and combines them into one compact and coherent product which is a creation for the ages.

After all, you will get the combined maneuverability of the front wheels of a bicycle along with the wide-platform stability of a skateboard. What’s more, you will have side by side foot placement on this vehicle, allowing for an excellent control system. The rear steering is equally good as the front one, thus providing a smooth experience for the user.

Making turns have never been as easy as using this product. Riding around and maneuvering your vehicle is very simple because of how well this thing turns. If you wish to, you can make a complete 360-degree turn on the spot. The standstill position of this vehicle is also extremely stable, allowing the rider to halt at any given position with ease.


The portability of this product is something that will please anyone who likes to travel a lot. You can quite literally take this with you anywhere you want, because of how small-sized it is. Want to take it to a park nearby? Or with you on your picnics? Or on your holiday trips?…It doesn’t matter because you can choose to do so.

The best part about this vehicle is that it can be torn apart piece by piece and assembled back again, and it can all be done with a household wrench. So the ways in which you can choose to transport this thing is pretty undefined, to be honest. You can also just choose to leave the wheel back at home and carry only the skateboard for your outing.scooter bicycle hybrid


Last but not the least, the design of the product itself is also something to behold. As mentioned before, it is made mostly out of aluminum, with some parts also made out of Maplewood. The aluminum parts are very well done with a hint of shininess coming from them.

The powdering over the skin coating is also well done and provides an upgrade to the product’s overall looks. The paint job did in both the black and red versions of this vehicle and gave it a design which is slick and pleasing to look at.

Cons of the Sbyke p16 Scooter Bicycle Hybrid 

A small problem with the Sbyke P20 Skateboard/Bicycle Hybrid that some people have faced with this product is that the front brakes are perhaps a bit too powerful. Some have even gone on to say that they might be unnecessary in the first place. They have complained about almost flipping over when using these brakes. Thus the complaint.

Also, getting used to it can be tricky considering it’s unusual shape and how it is structured with a big wheel on the front and just a skateboard attached to it. However, once accustomed, it is a joy to ride from start to finish.

Which one is right for you Sbyke P16, Sbyke p20 or Sbyke A20?

Final Verdict

The final verdict for the Sbyke p16 Scooter Bicycle hybrid is that it is a wonderfully creative product and one which is perfect for kids between the age groups of 5-14. The world of bikes and scooters has seemed stale as of late. However, with this product in the market, things are far from boring.

It’s high weight carrying capacity along with its smooth controls and overall slick looks make way for a perfectly made product in many ways. It can also be used for some things depending on what your kid wants. All in all, an exceptional gift for Christmas or your kid’s birthday and an overall, solid product.

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