2020 Segway Mini Pro 320 vs 260 Ninebot Mini Reviewed

Which one is better? Segway Mini-pro 320 vs 260 Ninebot Mini. Today as 2020 is here the era of electric scooter where everyone prefers supermini vehicles to facilitate their activities. They feel tired of driving their cars because they always face traffic jams. Thus, they require a transporter that can break through the traffic jams. Therefore, they choose electric scooters as their practical vehicles. There are so many electric scooters that you can buy. You can choose a hover-board with one wheel or with two wheels. If you like a practical and simple hover-board, then you can choose a hover-board with a single wheel. However, if you are more concerned with convenience and comfort, then you can choose the double wheels scooter. Segway mini-pro and Ninebot Mini could be your good choice. Therefore, this time, we will discuss the Segway mini pro vs Ninebot Mini so that you know which one is better.

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For those riders looking to go a bit farther in their travels, the Ninebot by Segway mini PRO 320 offers extended range thanks to its 310Wh battery. With its new unique knee control bar, the mini pro allows you more interaction with your environment than any other two-wheel ride. Now at 10 miles per hour and a 14-mile range, there is no contest which is better!!

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Segway MiniPro 320 Features and Specifications

Before we talk more about Segway mini pro vs Ninebot Mini, we would like to show you some of the features included in the Segway human transporter. It seems that a new era of electric scooter has been started. Segway mini pro can be the best option for you and your family if you want to get an easy transporter. Segway mini pro offers some of the best features ever. Perhaps, you do not find some of the features in another Ninebot product. One of the latest features is the connection technology where you can connect your electric scooter via Bluetooth with your smartphone. Of course, it is not just about the connection, it is all about functionality. You only need to pair up the scooter with your smartphone and by using a special app you can make your smartphone become a remote control, LED light control, Anti-theft alarm, speed control, vehicle diagnostic, and much more.

Besides, Segway mini pro is also UL 2272 certified with a high standard of safety. Therefore, you do not worry about something bad happens to your scooter. Another good feature is its frame on which is made of the lightweight and durable magnesium alloy frame. Also, it has two tires that can be filled with air and they are only about 10.5 inches. Certainly, this electric scooter becomes compact and simple with great riding experience. What about the machine? Mini-pro Segway is equipped with the engine of a dual motor that can produce 1600 watts of electricity and it could reach up to 10 Miles per hour for 14 Miles of distance when used on a full charge. Of course, it also depends on the terrain condition. How steer this Segway mini pro? For easy riding, it is equipped with a padded knee bar which is considered easier compared to the hoverboard without any bars.

260 Ninebot Mini Features and Specifications

Segway mini pro vs Ninebot Mini, which one is better? If it is seen in a glimpse, Ninebot mini is quite similar to the Segway Mini-pro, In fact, Ninebot mini was also part of the Segway before Xiaomi acquired Ninebot in April. Both of them belong to great electric scooter manufacturers. If it is seen from its body, then Segway mini vs Ninebot is no significant difference. The design is quite similar to one another. Ninebot also belongs to the self-balancing scooter which really looks like Segway MiniPro 320. Ninebot Mini has average speed of 16 km/hour. The Segway mini-pro may be a bit faster than the Ninebot mini, but it is not significant. Besides, the weight is also similar to the Segway Mini pro with lightweight material. However, the instantaneous maximum power of the Ninebot mini is a bit bigger about 2100W, but it does not make the Segway Pro run slow. Seeing from the general perspective, It seems that both Segway mini pro vs Ninebot mini has no significant difference which makes them look more superior compared to each other.

Is Ninebot Mini also equipped with a Bluetooth connection? The answer is true. Segway MiniPro is designed with a mobile App experience as well as the Ninebot Mini also is designed for it. You can also control your Ninebot mini using a mobile app. In this case, you are able to use your smartphone as a remote drive, smart security warning, power overload, overheating, fault diagnosis, and much more. The Ninebot mini is also made of magnesium alloy frame that makes it so lightweight either as the Segway mini pro is also designed using lightweight magnesium allow frame. Segway Mini Pro is equipped with LED light under the footing as it is also owned by the Ninebot Mini. Also, the tires are air-filled tires with 10.5 inches width. Of course, the height of the Segway mini vs Ninebot mini is significantly similar. Besides, the Ninebot mini is also designed with a padded knee bar to control the steering.Segway Minipro vs Ninebot Mini

So, which one will you choose between Segway Mini Pro 320 vs 260 Ninebot Mini?

According to the specifications of these two electric scooters, both of them have the same quality and features. Both of them are good and have similar functionality. If you see it from the prices, both of them may have different prices but it is too significant. The cheaper one does not mean worse and the expensive one does not mean better. The price is dependable. Everything depends on the usage. If you use it properly, then your electric scooter can be more long-lasting. However, back in 2016 Segway MiniPro has been UL 2272 certified so it will be more secure if you choose Segway mini Pro.


In summary, the world of hoverboard has just started, but the new era of an electric scooter may eliminate the use of hoverboard. Why can this happen? The reason is that the people start to realize the convenience of using the electric scooter along with a variety of features offered. Segway Pro and Ninebot Mini can be your next choice when you want to replace your old hover-board. Segway mini Pro vs Ninebot mini, which one is better? As it is explained, both of them are significantly similar so both of them must be good. It’s your time to choose which one is more suitable for you.