Swagtron by Swagway T3 Hands-Free Smart Balance Scooter

Swagtron by Swagway T3 Hands-Free Smart Balance Scooter 1The Swagtron personal transporter is a futuristic balance scooter with upgraded safety features that make it safe and fun!  Swagtron motorized scooter has a learning mode designed to teach first time users how to ride, which is a great feature so now any one in your family can learn with ease. Two wheel self-balancing scooter reaches up to 8 mph and stays charged for 7-12 miles. The smart personal transporter comes with a built in Bluetooth speaker that can connect to your mobile device. Electric scooter comes with 1-year limited warranty. 

Product Information

Product Dimensions 28 x 26 x 10 inches
Shipping Weight 28 pounds


Product Description

UL 2272 certified
Ride in Learning Mode or Standard Mode
Self-balancing personal transporter that uses gyroscopic technology
Steering and stopping are controlled by dynamic equilibrium
Patented SentryShield multilayer battery protection
Incombustible exterior shell and foot pads
PCB board has silicon coating to make it weatherproof
Color-coded LED lights illuminate to indicate movement
Proprietary custom ABS shell casing for added durability
Open wheel well allows for better wheel rotation clearance and maintenance
Upgraded dual independent motor and gear stabilization for tighter control
Wide, non-slip foot pads
High-grade aluminum wheels with superior traction tires
5-level battery inidcator
Integrated Bluetooth speaker
Use SwagTron app on iPhone or Android to track route history, monitor battery status, and more



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